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What is ?

Nanoe™ is a system that uses fine particle ions generated from moisture in the air to form tiny particles from electrically charged water molecules. Filled with OH radicals, these water capsules suppress the activity of pollen (allergens) in the air, and help to eliminate odors.

  1. Dew condensation is collected on the pin tip

2. High voltage is applied to the water


3. Nanoe particles are generated

Invisible Air Contaminants are Suppressed


 are nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particles with 10 times the OH radicals of nanoe™

Developed nanoe™X device uses a counter electrode with four pins; and Multi-Leader Discharge that sends intensive discharges toward the pin tips.
This expands the generation zone of electron-dense OH radicals, thus increasing the amount of OH radicals by a factor of 10 times.


Airflow at a Comfortable Temperature…

  • While working, you enjoy cooling at a comfortable temperature, and a fresh breeze.
  • After work, when everyone is gone, ventilating operation continues to provide the nanoe™ effect.
  • You can start work each day in a room filled with refreshing air.

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Sub Zero Climate Control installed nanoe™X technology across 27 Dental Centres across Yorkshire and the North East to enhance protection for patients and staff. 

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