bolton on dearne ex servicemans club

Toshiba systems with 7 ceiling cassettes

The Project

Sub Zero received an enquiry from Bolton on Dearne’s Ex-Servicemans Club, to see if we could help reduce their annual £9000 (approx) gas heating bill.

We arranged a meeting with the club committee, to illustrate and explain how effective a combined heat pump/air conditioning system would be, and how it could help to significantly reduce running costs.The Sub Zero team then put together a proposal, detailing project cost and the potential running costs, if heating was provided by air-to-air heat pump systems.

Sub Zero were awarded the installation job in late April 2020. Installation was completed across a 2-week period, and included the fitting of a new mains distribution board and power supplies to each system.

The systems were commissioned on 2nd June 2020, within 5 weeks of the order being placed. For this project, we installed 7 ceiling cassette systems throughout the club, in the Lounge, Snooker room and Function Room.

practical solutions & cost savings

After a robust analysis of the best-suited products/manufacturers, we opted for Toshiba systems. The client wanted high quality equipment with reliable back up procedures, as well as good customer support in the event of any issues. We also proposed the installation of a metered device, enabling the club to monitor their annual electricity usage, so they could accurately calculate the running costs of the new systems.

As of the 10th April 2024 the club’s AC systems used a total of 35,289 Kw/h units of electricity. The club has paid an average of 27p per Kw/h (inc standing charges) since the systems were installed.

35,289 Kw/h x £0.27 = £9,528.03 spent on electricity since the 06th June 2020 (1408 days)

£9528.03/1408 = £6.76 per day

Previous Gas usage was approx. £9,000 per year, but now, their usage is just £1,440 per year – saving £6,260 on their gas bills.

Overall, this installation is saving the club £4,820 per annum.

Installation cost (including electric supplies) was £22,510 meaning the systems will pay for themselves within 5 years. Not only is the club now saving money each year, they also have the benefit of summer time air conditioning, which draws in more customers and keeps them spending money in the club!

We initially estimated that we would reduce the club’s energy consumption by around a third, as well as provide some ‘value add’ for the local community when visiting the club.

We were thrilled to learn that the true figure is a 46% reduction and the client is really happy!

Craig Brooke

Director, Sub Zero Climate Control

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